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Halo Planner

Halo Kweendom Planner 2023

The Kweendom Halo Planner is The spiritual planner that will help you take control of your daily life, while putting God first.

Meet the latest edition to the Kweendom!

The 2023 Halo Kweendom Planner is a beautiful new edition that will help you organize your spiritual life. The kweendom halos are 8 specific areas Mind, Body, Spirit, Home, Heart, Purpose, Career & Money. Using our Halo score method, take control of the chaos and find alignment. 

Made in conjunction with Guided Morning Devotions

This planner is designed to help you start you morning routine with God. Quick easy access to all your needs, to stay spiritually grounded and focused on what matters most.

Created for every Kween's needs

We've designed this planner for women of all backgrounds - from teachers and students, to stay at home moms and executives. The Kweendom Halo Planner is a perfect fit for women who want to grow closer to God and glow in thier purpose.

We Halo'd Up!

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In Stock & Ready to


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Coach K Beau2ful Morning Devotions.



“Wheww 5:30am that’s too early for me…” Everyone that joins started by saying the exact same thing… Until they actually joined and immediately noticed a difference in their life…. If you had a plane to catch you would get up early If you had to get to work you would get up early If your boo thang called you at 4am to come over….. YOU WOULD GET UP EARLY So why can’t you start your day early with God and the Kweendom? In the Kweendom we start each month with a themed goal and a 20 day Monday thru Friday Morning Devotion Challenge: What we do: 👑Daily reflection of our Grows & Glows 👑Daily affirmations 👑 Motivational Morning Devotion 👑Daily Scripture 👑QOTD Journal Prompt 👑Daily Closing Prayer to start our day What we get in return: 👑Kweendom Tribe of Women 👑Accountability 👑Practice Life Coaching Steps 👑Growing closer to God 👑Glowing in our Purpose If your looking for a sign… this is it 🫶🏾 Join the Kweendom for Morning Devotions with Coach Kbeau2ful Every Monday thru Friday LIVE at 5:30amest or catch the replay 👑 X💋, CoachKbeau2ful

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Thy Kweendom Come


Make sure you have notifications set Kweens for when I go LIVE !! 
Are y’all ready??!!!

Friday October 21st, 8pm est
THY KWEENDOM COME Podcast is baaccckkkk 
This is gonna be a jammed packed episode you don’t wanna miss it!
Grab ya favorite cup of delight, tag ya Kweens, and tune into…,


Thy Kweendom Come Podcast
Weekly episodes each Friday.


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Thy Kweendom Come - Coach K Beau2ful Monthly Podcast
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Transform your life and reach your full potential with Coach K Beau2ful's personalized coaching. With over a decade of experience, Coach K specializes in helping clients achieve their goals in health, relationships, career, and more. Book your free consultation today and start your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

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Coach K Beau2ful, spiritual planner, Lifestyle coaching, Hoodies and more.

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